Brimming Horn Meadery holds Grand Opening

September 9, 2017

Brimming Horn Meadery held a Grand Opening and ribbon cutting Sept. 2. Located at 28615 Lewes-Georgetown Highway, Brimming Horn Meadery held its soft opening July 4 and already has regulars who stop and sample the mead.

Brimming Horn Meadery founder Jon Talkington says of his establishment: "The Brimming Horn Meadery is a 20-year dream of a man from the backwoods of Ohio with a thirst for history and fermentation. That man is me, Jon Talkington, the founder of The Brimming Horn Meadery. I have combined these loves into the compelling, unusual, tantalizingly delicious beverages that will be created at The Brimming Horn. Both I and Robert Walker Jr., my business partner, believe that the Brimming Horn Meadery is more than a place to sample mead. It is a meadery with a lifestyle at tached. The name of the meadery and the names of our meads are more than a theme, they are a passion. Usually mead is a drink linked to the Northern European peoples, so most of our meads are named after Northern European gods and goddesses and beings found in the mythologies of those peoples. The symbol for our meadery is a horn overflowing with mead. A brimming horn would be passed amongst friends and kinsmen to drink, toast, boast, oath, and bond people together. We hope our mead will be able to do just that amongst everyone drinking it. We hope to create a place where family and friends will come to share a beverage and create many happy memories."