Five video game songs that hit me right in the feels

August 4, 2016

Have you ever heard a song and then looked down to see that you had goosebumps on your arms? A lot of my favorite bands have released music that makes me feel that way (Helena by My Chemical Romance, Radio by Alkaline Trio...just to name a couple), and there are many video game songs that make me feel that way, too. These five songs send chills up my spine, and flood my mind with memories of the wonderful games they were the soundtrack to.

1. Nascence - Journey
When you talk to other gamers about Journey, the game’s soundtrack will undoubtedly come up early on in the conversation. It was the first video game soundtrack to be nominated for a Grammy, and it became an instant classic. In my first column of the season, I wrote about Journey LIVE, an event I experienced at MAGFest earlier this year. I cannot express how profound of an impact that performance had on me. I get chills just thinking about it. Hearing one of my favorite video game soundtracks performed live by Fifth House Ensemble in real-time to the game was a once in a lifetime experience that I’ll be talking about until I’m on my deathbed (and probably even then, too.

“Bury me with the Journey soundtrack!”). Austin Wintory’s soundtrack gives life to thatgamecompany’s masterpiece. They work together beautifully, and I hope to see more games feature music of this caliber in the future.

2. Reunion - Uncharted 2
You. Yeah, you! Stop whatever you’re doing and Google “Uncharted 2 Reunion song,” listen to it, and tell me that’s not one of the most beautiful pieces of music you’ve ever heard. This is arguably the best song from the Uncharted series, and it takes me back to those days when I was first discovering and immediately falling in love with Uncharted and its characters. I cry almost every time I hear this song. Bravo, Greg Edmonson.

3. The Empty Quarter - Uncharted 3
You guys probably know by now that Uncharted 3 is my favorite of the series (unpopular opinion, I know), and this song captures everything I love about the game and crams it into two minutes and 26 seconds of pure magic.

I will never, ever forget the feeling I got climbing up that giant sand dune for the first time and hearing those loud, spectacular horns and strings as the camera panned out and showed just how small Drake was in comparison to the Rub’ al Khali. The desert parts in Uncharted 3 are my favorite, and this track makes me think of how broken Drake’s spirit was during that time. That was the first time I thought that Drake could actually die. He was so vulnerable, and that was great for the development of his character. This is my favorite track from the Drake’s Deception soundtrack.

4. Far Away - Red Dead Redemption
If you’ve played Red Dead Redemption, you surely remember that iconic scene where you, John Marston, are riding your horse into Mexico for the first time.

That beautiful song that accompanies you while you ride through the wilderness is Jose Gonzalez’ “Far Away.” This is one of most memorable sections of the game, and this song is a big part of that. I love the song, and every time I hear it I think of John Marston, and how ready I am for a new Red Dead game!

5. Gusty Garden Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy
All of the music composed for Super Mario Galaxy is beautiful, but this particular track sticks out in my mind. It’s a beautiful piece of music and it makes me teary eyed every time. Whenever I hear it, I picture a big, beautiful wedding somewhere in a galaxy far, far away. I am flooded with memories of playing the game each time I hear this track, and it helps me remember how much I loved Super Mario Galaxy. I am still dreaming of Super Mario Galaxy 3. Maybe one day!

What are some video game songs that hit you right in the feels? Talk to me on Twitter: @gottosaurus.

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