Full moon ritual all about positivity

Monthly gathering brings like-minded group together
September 6, 2017

A full moon rose in the east Aug. 6, as nearly 70 people gathered on Lewes Beach to cleanse their bodies of negative energy.

There is no chanting, no dancing around the fire. The gathering is more focused on meditation and group support.

Led by Lewes-based psychic and Wiccan Amanda Stadler, full moon gatherings are a way for people to mentally prepare for the month ahead by beginning the next moon cycle with a positive mind-set. 

“I started the full moon gatherings to bring the community together for some positivity in their life once a month,” said Stadler. “I feel very blessed every day to bring people together and to show how we are all connected by nature and the universe, and that magic is in us all if we can open our minds broader and believe.”

“You don’t have to be Wiccan to come,” said Olivia Sigrist, who has been attending full moon gatherings for about a year. “If you just enjoy looking at the moon or if you just like hanging out with people around a bonfire on the beach on an awesome night, it’s a great way to get to know people who may share similar interests as you.”

Stadler’s gatherings are open to anyone. 

“My religion teaches us how we are all connected, and there is absolutely no judgement allowed in my circle,” she said. 

Folks gather around a bonfire. As the darkness of the night sets in, Stadler begins by educating her audience on the meaning of that night’s moon. She then draws down the moon, something she’s been doing since she was a teenager.

“It involves an intense amount of mental energy to connect, and usually it lasts 5 to 10 minutes,” she said of the physically draining experience. “It benefits myself and the group as a whole for the energy to be passed around the group.”

The group meditates on their goals and wishes for the coming month as Stadler draws the energy. 

“It can have extreme benefits, such as healing, for people in the group,” Stadler said. “Many people tell me they come to the monthly gathering to relieve anxiety, depression and joint pains. They say after they leave they feel better for weeks.”

After mediation, Stadler has her group stand hand-in-hand around the bonfire. One by one, people approach the fire and drop in a hand-written note to the universe containing their wishes for the upcoming month. 

“I get wonderful reviews of when people put their wishes in the bonfire to manifest from the universe,” she said. “Many say it worked quickly. It makes me happy to know my clients/customers can utilize the magic from nature and our universe to have a better life.”

The August gathering in Lewes attracted nearly 70 people, up from 50 the previous month at Lavender Fields. September’s gathering will be held from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m., Thursday, Sept. 7, at the main beach in Lewes. Because gatherings are becoming popular, Stadler asks that all who plan to attend RSVP by calling 302-858-3859. Cost to attend is $10. 

Marcella Saborio said she’s been a one-on-one client of Stadler’s for some time, but the group aspect of the monthly gatherings add a new element to her experience. 

“Everyone is doing it for their own personal benefit, but when you see everyone doing it together, and everyone’s intent is to fulfill their wishes … you just feel it, and it feels great,” she said. “So I just think energy in the community is what brings me to this.”

It’s not unusual for odd things to happen at gatherings too. Following the August get together, attendees posted photos on Facebook showing strange shapes and figures coming from the flames. 

“I feel these pictures are of spirits,” Stadler said, adding they could be loved ones, spirit guides or symbols from above. “Over the fire, my senses feel it was an Indian warrior male showing us he was on our side that evening.” 

In another photograph, she said, there appears to be a phoenix rising from the flames. 

Stadler also operates Mandie’s Magical Marketplace in the basement of the Rodney Hotel in downtown Lewes. For more information about the full moon gatherings or to learn more about Stadler’s services, go to