Super Mario Maker is a dream come true for Mario fans

September 17, 2015

If Nintendo’s Super Mario Maker (Wii U) had existed when I was a kid, I never would’ve left my room. This game is everything I’ve ever dreamed of, and I can’t stop playing it.

The first time I launched Super Mario Maker, I teared up when I saw the first level of Super Mario Bros. in true high definition. The game is really aesthetically pleasing, and I never imagined seeing 8-bit Mario in such crisp detail.

The game is exactly what it sounds like: It’s a game that gives players the tools they need in order to create levels in the Mario universe. You can make a level in the styles of a few different Mario games, such as Super Mario Bros. (NES), New Super Mario Bros. U, Super Mario World, and more. You can choose among level types, like underground, water, and castle. With so many tools available for creating, I haven’t really been able to stop making levels since I picked it up (even if I’m not a very good level designer).

When you start the game, you are immediately thrown into creation mode. The game teaches you how to create levels, and the more you play and create, and the more tools you unlock. If you want to make a giant tower of goombas, you can do it. If you want to make a level completely filled with coins, you can do it. If you want to make a ridiculously hard level akin to the Super Mario Bros. Frustration mod, you can do it. The possibilities are endless!

As far as a campaign or story mode, there is a mode called 10 Mario Challenge, where you get only 10 lives to complete eight levels. Every time you complete the challenge, you can play again with a whole new set of levels. Completing 10 Mario Challenge does not always reward you with anything, but it’s loads of fun and really helps get players’ creative juices flowing.

There is also 100 Mario Challenge, which, upon each completion, unlocks a new costume. You can play on Easy difficulty, which requires you to complete eight levels just like in 10 Mario Challenge, or you can choose Normal difficulty, which requires completion of 16 levels (I haven’t gotten to this point myself, but I’ve read that there are also Hard and Expert difficulties). All levels in 100 Mario Challenge are user-created, and upon completion of the challenge, there is a little list, kind of like game or movie credits, that shows you who made each level you played in case you’re interested in checking out more of the levels they created. It’s a small detail, but it’s the little things like that that make me love this game even more.

And, speaking of little things, costumes are one of the coolest features in this game. You can touch an amiibo to the GamePad to unlock costumes (which is basically a shortcut), or you can complete 100 Mario Challenge to unlock the costumes for amiibo you don’t own. To transform into a different character via costume, you must find a Mystery Mushroom, a new item in this game. The other night, I was playing through a level I created as Sonic, which was pretty awesome. I never imagined seeing 8-bit Sonic running through Bowser’s castle. (Pro tip: Press up on the d-pad when you have a costume equipped.)

The replay value of this game is almost endless. My husband says it’s “like LittleBigPlanet in the Mario universe,” and he’s right; like in LittleBigPlanet, you can play (and download) user-created levels online. People have made some CRAZY-hard levels. It’s great that there are so many user-created levels to play when you’re not in the mood for creating them yourself. I particularly like downloading levels other people make and modding them.

All in all, Super Mario Maker is a game I wish I could’ve played years ago. This is a game I will be playing with my husband and our future child(ren) in years to come. It’s one of those timeless games with endless creative possibilities. I applaud Nintendo for coming up with such an amazing concept for a game. With Super Mario Maker, you can see what it’s like to be in the shoes of Mr. Miyamoto (even if you’re like me and have but only an iota of his talent).

Want to see the levels I’ve been making? My NNID is Vanellope; search for me within the game and see my lack of talent! Go ahead and add me to your friends list while you’re at it, if you want.

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