What Uncharted means to me

It’s more than just a video game series
May 26, 2016

Anyone who knows me knows how special video game developer Naughty Dog’s Uncharted series is to me. I was introduced to the series by my husband back in 2011. I was still fairly new to the world of PlayStation at that point, and I was looking for new games to play. He asked me to try the Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune demo. After making it halfway through the demo, I knew I didn’t like it. I told Jimmy it wasn’t for me. I then proceeded to try the Uncharted 2 demo. Again, I wasn’t really into it. I really wanted to like it, but it just wasn’t doing anything for me. Months later, I borrowed Jimmy’s copy of Drake’s Fortune and decided to give it a second chance.

If you take any anything from this, let it be the following: Please go back and give games you think you don’t like a second chance. Sometimes your tastes change, and sometimes you just need to play something again with fresh eyes and an open mind. Those games that I thought I didn’t like ended up being some of my favorite games and huge parts of my life. I wear Drake’s ring from the Uncharted 3 collector’s edition around my neck every day.

For me and so many others, the Uncharted games are so much more than games. I have so many friends who don’t play games who can’t understand why I get so emotional over a video game. Uncharted is a big part of my life, and my favorite video game franchise. A lot of my greatest memories involve those games in some way.

Naughty Dog has done an amazing job making these characters feel real, especially in Uncharted 4. Even after you slaughter a group of enemies with an RPG and are running around landing crazy jumps and hanging off the side of mountains, these characters still feel relatable somehow. I truly care about them, and sometimes I have to remind myself that they aren’t real. (That’s why we have cosplay.)

Naughty Dog is a development team of true artists and impeccable storytellers. They are constantly raising the bar for themselves and it does not go unnoticed. When I completed Uncharted 4 last week, I was filled with so many emotions. Not only was the game and the ending better than I could have ever imagined, but I knew that this was Naughty Dog’s last Uncharted game. I knew that this was the last time I would ever complete an Uncharted game for the first time. I am unbelievably happy with how the series ended, though, and I am so glad they went out on such a high note. My expectations for Uncharted 4 were irrationally high, and somehow they still managed to exceed them. I am eating the words I wrote about a year ago; I was very worried when Amy Hennig and a few others left the Naughty Dog Kennel, but all that worrying proved pointless. I love Amy and she is one of my biggest inspirations, and I thank her for creating this beautiful, beautiful series. I can't wait to play her Star Wars game.

A lot of people think video games are a waste of time, but I wouldn’t trade the time I spent hanging from ledges and collecting treasures for anything in the world. Thank you to Naughty Dog and everyone who had a part in creating these amazing games. I aim to create something in my lifetime that makes people feel the way these games have made me feel.

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