10 Reasons why changing your oil is so important

December 11, 2018

10 Reasons Why Oil Change is Important


We know vehicles and engines can be complex, but changing your oil on a consistent basis, which varies depending on the vehicle, is one of the most important auto maintenance procedure to have done on any automobile. Your engine needs oil to run smoothly and avoid developing complicated and possibly expensive issues in the future like engine repairs or even a full engine replacement. By getting your oil change regularly, you can keep your engine in good condition and provide the best protection for all of your engine’s bits and pieces, which will help ensure a longer life for your engine.


First State Chevrolet wants to share the top 10 reasons why getting an oil change is so important:


  1. Oil is the key ingredient to a properly performing engine; it reduces friction, provides lubrication, lessens wear and tear, and keeps engine parts cool. New oil acts as a cleansing tool to your engine and helps clean dirt and buildup from old motor oil that could potentially damage the engine. Regularly scheduled oil changes will help keep your engine clean and avoid the potentially engine-damaging effects contaminated oil can impose. If you want to maximize engine performance, and most importantly, the life of the engine, don’t skip out on the engine’s most vital lubricant: oil. (The oil filter is the part of the lubrication system which cleans the oil. At First State Chevrolet, we change the filter on every oil change. It is very common for some drivers to believe their oil can go for much longer in terms of mileage between oil changes, but they often forget that the life of the effective oil change is dependent on the filtering ability of the oil filter.) You wouldn’t deprive yourself of water would you? Schedule an oil change today with First State Chevrolet.


  1. Oil protects your engine and provides a layer of protection between the moving parts of the engine helping to keep all parts from wearing down. Oil also protects your engine from corrosion caused by condensation. Protecting your engine from corrosion is one of the main reasons why you need to have regular oil changes. First State Chevrolet can show you whether your engine has corrosion damage and can help you manage the protection of your engine.


  1. When you go more time between oil changes or put off getting your oil changed, you are causing more friction on parts of the car’s engine. The more friction that is placed on the engine, the more permanent damages are being done to the engine parts. If you allow the friction to continue, it’s very likely there will be costly repairs and replacements for the engine. There have been cases where people have blown their engines out completely, but don’t understand why it happened; this is often times because they did not have regular oil changes to help avoid unnecessary friction on the engine.


  1. As you continue driving, oil will begin to degrade and becomes less effective at lubricating which can lead to those issues previously mentioned. As oil gets older it loses its viscosity, meaning it loses its thickening and becomes sludgy. Oil sludge is a solid or gel in motor oil caused by the oil gelling or solidifying, usually at temperatures lower than 100 degrees. Oil sludge can be a major contributor to internal combustion engine problems and can sometimes require the engine to be replaced if the damage is severe. If you’re unsure of what sludgy oil looks like, First State Chevrolet can show you at your next oil change. Call and schedule yours today.


  1. Oil changes replace any oil that has been burned away while you drive. Many people are unaware that oil burns away slowly when they drive their car and the amount of oil that is put into a car during an oil change is not the same amount that stays inside your engine until the next oil change. Driving with the wrong level of oil also leads to issues with your motor. A way to check your oil levels is with the dipstick located under the hood of the vehicle. First State Chevrolet can show you exactly where your dipstick is located and how to check the levels of your oil on your dipstick; just ask us the next time you have your oil changed.


  1. The older the oil is in your car, the more chance there is that you are also driving around with tiny specks of metal in your oil due to the friction caused when your engine is running and working. Specks of metal can cause further damage to your engine as you continue to drive around. An oil analysis is something you can have done to show how much damage is being done to your engine by detecting things such as metal bits or traces of coolant which could indicate you may have a leak somewhere. Horizon Auto Center can perform an oil analysis on your oil to check if there is any current damage or potential to cause damage to the engine.


  1. Low oil levels can mean there are a number of potential issues such as, but not limiting to leaking oil in other areas of the car, or burning oil in your car’s engine. Or even just a simple leak of oil out of the engine due to a seal leak or washer wearing down. Regular oil changes will identify issues like these before they can do too much damage to your vehicle.


  1. Regular oil changes help improve fuel efficiency or your miles per gallon (MPG) and help to reduce fuel consumption in general. Your engine uses fuel more efficiently when it is running well which means overall better gas mileage for your automobile and extra money in your pocket. The investment you make in regular oil changes will translate into fuel savings over the life of your vehicle.


  1. If you maintain your vehicle well with proper oil changes, it can add years to your vehicle life; it really is that simple. Expensive repairs will be fewer and longer between by having regular oil changes, keeping your car on the road where it should be and not inside some mechanic shop. You can enjoy driving your vehicle for many years to come if you maintain your vehicle by scheduling regular oil changes with First State Chevrolet.

**Quick tip, if you can’t remember when your last oil change was, chances are you are probably due for one.


  1. When your engine is running well on clean oil, it produces less exhaust emissions. Older vehicles may even burn oil that is degrading, adding even more emissions to the exhaust, making regular oil changes even more of a priority. Most vehicles also have to pass an emissions test every year to legally stay on the road. This is one of the things being tested when you get your state vehicle inspection done. Regular oil changes contribute to your vehicle’s ability to pass the emissions test. Reducing emissions is also great for the environment!


The bottom line is that regular oil changes are the single most important part of vehicle maintenance; they can save you money and add more years to the life of your car as well. Every part of your automobile works together to keep it moving effectively and safely. So come to First State Chevrolet  for an oil change to help protect your engine and improve the environment by reducing the carbon put into the air from worn, sludgy oil. We can help guide you through the process of picking between conventional or synthetic oil, high mileage or diesel, and even the right oil filter and make sure the best oil for your vehicle and your needs is used. We want to make sure you get the best service and car experience at First State Chevrolet, Georgetown Delaware