CUVÉE Ray “Uncorked” - Rosé Should not be a Fair-Weather Friend

January 15, 2019

Cuvée Ray: Uncorked

How sad for our poor friend Rosé. We show you much love and affection all summer long, then alas, we abandon you in the fall for our old friends Cabernet, Syrah and their other red compatriots. We even tolerate our other friends Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc come October.

Why are we so mean to poor Rosé by kicking it to the curb when the leaves begin to turn? The answer: Fake News!! That’s right. You see so many wine articles touting Rosé as the drink of summer never telling the truth that Rosé is the perfect year-round beverage. I say enough is enough and I am stepping in to set the record straight. Rosé is a year-round friend.

Hey, I get it. It’s a cold blustery day and you don’t relish the thought of opening the refrigerator for a nice cold beverage. Yet I see people drinking beer in the winter. You don’t typically envision people watching the Eagles game at their local pub sipping hot chocolate? And I see plenty of folks enjoying Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc all winter long.

So what is it about Rosé that makes it incompatible with the colder months. NOTHING!! In fact, Rosé is a perfectly fine beverage for year-round consumption and here is why:

  • Rosé is the best of both the white and red wine worlds. The reason red wine is red is that the juice from red grapes is left in contact with the red skins of the grapes during fermentation. Rosé wine is also made from red grapes but the reason it is pink instead of red is that the juice from the red grapes is left in contact with the red skins for just a short amount of time. The skins of grapes not only impart color but also impart various flavor components including tannins (the things that make your mouth feel dry when you drink a Cabernet). So Rosé wine picks up just a bit of those flavor components giving it a bit of the taste complexities of a red wine (and a tad of tannin) it but also retains the freshness and brightness we love in white wine. The perfect balance between a red and a white wine!!

  • Rosé is a great food wine. Rosé is made in many different styles from bone dry to very sweet, from very pale pink/salmon to almost red, from smooth and silky to tart and perky.

There is a Rosé to accompany almost all food choices. Having some foods with a bit of spice? Try a dry grenache based Rosé. Caprese Salad, cured meats or lighter fowl? How about a Sangiovese based Rosé? Having seafood or salad? A merlot-based Rosé could be a perfect match.

  • Rosé looks beautiful and is a great Holiday wine….and it won’t break the bank. I’m sorry. When it comes to wine, looks count! We could get into a whole other debate about how a wine looks affects how we perceive it’s taste but lets just agree that many Rosé wines just look beautiful. Nothing says Happy Holidays like a wonderful glass of pink colored wine!! Trust me, red-suited Santa would look great sipping a glass of the pink stuff and I suspect he might appreciate you leaving a nice glass of Rosé and some charcuterie instead of the milk and cookie thing. And with all those Holiday expenses, a true value wine like Rosé is just what we all need.

So please, let’s not cast aside our summer Rosé friends just because the temperature has dropped. Let’s give a Holiday Toast to our year-round friend, Rosé!

All for Wine and Wine for All!






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