CAMP Rehoboth to host Bears art reception Sept. 22

September 18, 2018

During the month of September, CAMP Rehoboth is showcasing works of art, from Washington, D.C. to  New York City, in an exhibition called Scratched: Everyone Has an Itch.

An artists’ reception will be held from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m., Saturday, Sept. 22, in conjunction with the Rehoboth Beach Bears Weekend. These are not any four-legged wild bears, but a group of men in the gay community who call themselves bears.

CAMP Rehoboth’s Health Services Director Sal Seeley curated this exhibit of bear-friendly art.

These bear-loving artists describe a variety of inspirations.

Artist Craig Simmons of Pennsylvania said, “My Titans series was inspired by the works of Peter Paul Rubens and Frans Snyders. I wanted to create a modern take on the classic Greek/Roman myths using models from the bear community. In addition, I designed a series of minimalist tattoos for each figure to symbolically represent the story of each titan.”

Exhibitor Vincent Hughes of Virginia said, “Most figurative art is of smooth, trim, and younger models. I want to capture the full spectrum of manhood: bearded and mustachioed men; robust and hirsute physiques – even warm and welcoming smiles – the bear community inspires me.”

Other exhibiting artists include Dale Alward, Scott Brooks, Anthony Chiffolo, Chuck Hettinger, Charlie Hopwood, Matthew Kessler, Michael Muller, Leslie Sinclair and Tom Waugh.