Cape Gazette visits Point Pleasant, West Virginia hoping to catch a glimpse of the Mothman

June 2, 2018

After competing in the VEX Robotics World Championship in Louisville, Ky., Cape Henlopen High School Robotics students stopped by the Mothman Museum in Point Pleasant, W.V., where eyewitnesses reported seeing the legendary creature from 1966-67. The museum houses actual eyewitness accounts, props and memorabilia from the 202 Richard Gere movie “The Mothman Prophecies” that linked the December 1967 Silver Bridge rush hour collapse to the Mothman. The bridge collapse killed 46 and the Mothman was not seen again. Cape students (l-r) Sebastian Thurman, James Harrod, Yuxin He, Megha Patel and Uly Slagle paused by the Mothman statue to catch up on the latest news from the Cape Gazette.

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