Cape Gazette visits sister city in England

November 30, 2018

In September, City of Lewes Councilman Rob Morgan and his wife Janice Erich traveled to England and Scotland to explore some historic sites. They enjoyed visiting the Lamb House, an 18th-century house situated in Rye, East Sussex, England which is run as a writer’s house museum. It was also home of Henry James from 1897 to 1914, and later of E.F. Benson. The highlight of their trip was a stop in Lewes’ sister city, Lewes, England to visit Mayor Janet Baah.

Pictured (l-r) former mayor and current councillor Dr. Graham Mayhew and Rob Morgan; current Lewes, England Mayor Janet Baah, who is wearing her solid-gold insignia of office and absorbed in a recent issue of the Gazette, and another former mayor and current councillor Mike Chartier.

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