Devoted Cape Gazette readers travel to the Amalfi Coast in matching Cape Gazette caps

July 13, 2018

Bill & Carolyn Newcott of Lewes recently traveled to the Amalfi Coast in Italy. They were “dressed to the nines” wearing their Cape Gazette hats that Carolyn had won from playing the Gazette’s weekly trivia game. Unfortunately, they forgot to take a copy of the Cape Gazette, but enjoyed reading the latest edition online.

According to Wikipedia, the Amalfi Coast is a stretch of coastline on the northern coast of the Salerno Gulf on the Tyrrhenian Sea, located in the Province of Salerno of southern Italy. It is also known for its production of limoncello liqueur, as the area is a known cultivator of lemons, known as sfusato amalfitano in Italian. They are grown in terraced gardens along the entire coast between February and October.

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