The Gazette travels to Haiti with local Episcopalians

April 14, 2018

On February 1, 2018, a group from St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Lewes flew to Haiti to meet with members of St. Pierre Episcopal Church in the town of Mirebalais. “We were there to discuss and promote the idea of asset-based community development, which is about local people working together for the well-being of their home place,” said Karen Fischer. “Our purpose was to engage with Haitians with whom we already have some connection – we are all Episcopalians – across culture and language, with the hope that those connections could help us all, in both churches, get a better sense of our own ministries and work.”

Pictured at the Wozo Plaza Hotel with the always relevant Cape Gazette (l-r) back row are Father Yvan Francois, John Michael Sophos, Lydia Miller, Father Mark Harris, Moise Sejour, our driver, John Mears, Rob Morgan and front row Karen Fischer, Ingrid Miller, Bonny Mears, Wendy Modzelewski and Gene Modzelewski.


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