Lewes blooms with the annual Tulip Celebration

April 13, 2018

The 9th Annual Lewes Tulip celebration held April 6-15 honors Lewes’ Dutch heritage. The Lewes Chamber is one of six organizations that sponsors the Tulip Celebration. The others are the Lewes Historical Society, Lewes in Bloom, City of Lewes Parks & Recreation Commission, Historic Lewes Farmers Market and the Zwaanendael Museum.  Visitors were welcomed to flower beds filled with tulips throughout the city, while a trolley sponsored by the Cape May-Lewes Ferry toured participants around town. Art, photography and quilt exhibits offered beauty with a theme. The Zwaanendael Museum and Lewes Historical Society, Beacon Motel, Cape Artists Gallery and Peninsula Gallery offered exhibits with tulip themes. 


The 9th Annual Lewes Tulip Festival Photography contest received 86 entries from 24 photographers in each of six subject categories. The entries were judged by five professional photographers who are also members of the Lewes Chamber of Commerce –Kevin Fleming, Brook Hedge, Dave Koster, Ginny Stominksi and Carolyn Watson. Each category has a first place, second place and third place ribbon award with the highest rated entry designated as the Grand Prize and receives a $100 prize as well as the ribbon.  

Grand Prize – Sue Eberhart – “Still Beautiful” (From the Tulip category)

Tulip Category

First Place – Kathryn Harris – “April Showers”

Second Place – Sue Eberhart – “Dreamy”

Third Place – Nancy Allen – “One in Every Crowd”

Lewes Architecture Category 

First Place – Kathryn Harris – “A Snowy Morning”

Second Place – Nancy Allen – “The Rear of the Cottage”

Third Place – Rich White – “Vintage 1920’s Façade”

Lewes Landscape Category

First Place – Marta Nammack – “Harbor of Refuge and Rough Seas”

Second Place – Marta Nammack – “Harbor of Refuge under Clouds”

Third Place – Bill Meehan – “Frozen”

Black & White Category

First Place-Marta Nammack – “Harbor of Refuge at Sunrise”

2nd Place – Kathleen Collins – “Paddleboard at Sunset”

3rd Place – Joe Hengel – “Two Modes of Transportation”

Quintessential Lewes Category

First Place – Deb Payette – “Coming Home”

Second Place – Marjorie Wilson – “St. Peter’s Blessed Birdhouse”

Third Place – Claire Ingley – “Restored Townsend Barn at Sunset”

Local Food Category

First Place – Sue Eberhart – “Creamy Brioche, Station on Kings”

Second Place – Charles Payette – “Popping Fresh, Lewes Farmers Market”

Third Place – Sharon Monagle – “Spikey” 

Additional awards:

Mayor’s Award – Marta Nammack – “Harbor of Refuge and Rough Seas”

Coastal Camera Club Award – Kathryn Harris – “A Snowy Morning”

People’s Choice Award - Marta Nammack