Peninsula Gallery features Art Inspired by Travel through May

May 17, 2018

In today’s world, travel beyond the shores of the United States has become the norm rather than the exception. Artists are no different, and a new exhibition at the Peninsula Gallery in Lewes features work by seven of them who have visited different countries in Europe over the past 18 months. The show will continue until the end of May. Images may be viewed on the gallery website,

Laura Hickman has produced some stunning rooftop and harbor views of Croatia and Portugal in her customary pastel. Lois Engberg and Carole Boggemann-Peirson went to Italy together. Both paint in oil, but Engberg’s work features village street and alleyway scenes, while Boggemann-Peirson has painted the landscapes around those villages.

Heather Lynn Gibson spent time in Paris. Her urban street scenes are typical of that city, and she has also produced one stunning interior of the Golden Apollo Gallery. Sharon Strine visited London and Madrid. Her work features the ordinary, everyday scenes of local people going about their business.

Martha Spak’s moody acrylic paintings center on Italy and France, in particular Venice, Assisi and Paris, while Meg Walsh has concentrated on the countryside of rural France and Italy. She travelled by train with a fellow artist and had no preplanned itinerary.

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