Rehoboth Public School valued at $251,305 in 1941

December 19, 2018

For insurance purposes, the State of Delaware photographed and appraised the value of all state-owned buildings in 1941. This is what was known at the time as the Rehoboth Public School near Silver Lake. The structure was described as being of buff brick over cinder blocks. It was cooled by windows and heated with low-pressure coal-fired boilers. The building is situated on a 25-acre parcel that fronts on Silver Lake. This view is of the rear of the building. The building served all classes at one time, later became Rehoboth High School and in most recent years has housed elementary school students. A new elementary school is currently under construction nearby on the same site and is scheduled for completion in August 2019 with first classes to begin in September 2019. This building is scheduled for eventual demolition.