Visiting Polar Bear Capital of the World with the Gazette

January 12, 2018

Carol Hall of Rehoboth Beach is seen showing the Cape Gazette to a polar bear in Churchill, Manitoba. She traveled to Hudson Bay to observe the polar bears in their migration by living in a lodge on the Tundra for 5 days. Often, the bears would come right up to the lodge and hang out smelling the food being prepared. The bear in the picture came almost every day and Carol named him “Scarface” because of the large scar on his snout. The bears are waiting for the ice to form in the bay so they can go hunting for seals after waiting 5 months to have protein. “During the afternoons we would go out in an oversized 6-wheel drive vehicle made to move in difficult terrain to search for more bears,” said Carol. “The group that visited the week before saw only one bear and we saw over 50! So exciting to see these magnificent animals. Two nights we saw the Northern Lights, which was another beautiful sight.”

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