30 Songs - Day 19

May 26, 2017

Full schedule release is out and I will have more on that soon. Need time to digest and get over the conflicts!

Can’t believe we are less than 20 days away. I was just listening to one of my Firefly playlists and had the following song run:

Stick Figure - Fire on the Horizon

Bishop Briggs - Wild Horses

Jared and The Mill - Messengers

Foreign Air - In the Shadows

Maggie Rogers - Alaska

Secret Weapons - Power

Savoir Adore - Giants

Foreign Air - Free Animal

Lewis Del Mar - Masterpiece

That’s some good stuff right there! Starting to get fired up!

Since we had a double dip of Foreign Air in that run, and I think they are going to be one of the hottest new bands coming out of Firefly they are the song of the day for Day 19.

Foreign Air - Free Animal

Until next time... Jettyrat out. Happy listening.

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