Festival Success

May 18, 2017

12 tips for a great festival.  

If you have never been to Firefly before, I strongly recommend you check out the FAQ’s on the main web page. There is some really good information especially about what you can and can’t bring in.

Beyond that here are Jettyrat’s keys to success:

  1. Where shoes that have support! Do not wear flip flops!!!
    I’d go so far as to say buy a brand new pair of cheap running or walking shoes that fit you well, and plan on throwing them away at the end of the festival. If you have GA or VIP passes you can walk as much as 12 miles per day, your feet need all the help they can get.
  2. Same goes for clothes. Wear stuff that’s comfortable and that you are ok with getting messed up.
  3. Sit whenever possible. See number one and two, you are on your feet a lot! Be ok with sitting on the ground while you wait for a band. If you are trying to hold a spot take turns standing and sitting with your friends, but trust me sitting is good! Or head to the Dogfish Pavilion and take a break at the tables there.
  4. Bring a hat and put on sunscreen before you go in each day. This is a must, last thing you want is to get burnt to a cinder on Friday and be hating life the next two days. It’s also a good idea to have some way to attach your hat so you don’t have to carry it. You won’t feel like wearing it all day.
  5. Buy a portable charger for your phone. There are charging stations but who the hell wants to sit around waiting for their damn phone to charge!
  6. Drink water. This is an easy one to mess up, it gets away from you. Set a reminder on your phone, or whenever you buy a beverage get some water too and drink all of the water before you start your beverage.
  7. Don’t feel obligated to go only where your friends want to go. This is dumb. Firefly is a friendly place. If you are there for the music then go see the music you want to see. You are almost certain to make some new friends. Or even more likely find out that someone else in your group really wanted to see that band too.
  8. Set-up you and your friends with group me and find my friends if you’re an iphone user. I’m sure there is an equivalent on Android. This way you can split up, stay in touch, and still get back together pretty easily without having to wait at a particular landmark for some unspecified time.
  9. Take a chance on bands you don’t know. There is nothing quite as awesome as going to show with zero expectations and getting blown away. It’s there for the taking. Take advantage. If the band isn’t your thing after three songs you can roll out. See previous blog posts for ideas.
  10. 10.  Make sure you go to at least one show at the Coffeehouse and the Treehouse stages. If you can manage a night show even better, both of those set-ups are so cool and so much more intimate than the big stages.
  11. 11.  Visit the Thicket once at night. The Thicket is the silent disco where you are issued headphone upon entrance. Each head phone has two channels you can switch between for the two DJ’s playing at that time. The music only plays through the headphones. Everyone is dancing and no one can hear what you are dancing to, which means… nobody can tell if you are a bad dancer or not. J  Even if you aren’t comfortable dancing with headphones on, a half hour of people watching here is a must!
  12. 12.  Be cool honey bunny! Firefly is super chill. People for the most part are exceptionally nice and just there to have fun. Don’t be the one who messes it up.  Meet new people, make friends, get outside your comfort zone. You are only there for four days, be whoever you want. Enjoy it.


Until next time... Jettyrat out. Happy listening.

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