The Final Schedule

May 30, 2017

So as always there is the big wait for the actual schedule release. Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up!!!!

And it always end the same way, excited for a lot of shows but a couple of big conflicts always end up killing your buzz.

Look, I used to do some heavy duty scheduling work with a ton of variables and moving parts so I get how hard it is to create anything workable for everyone. I will not bash the schedule peeps, the conflicts are inevitable.

But like you, there are a couple that bummed me out. And a couple that I would love to know what the parameters were that forced them to have the conflicts. Since I likely will never get that access I’ll just list my biggest surprises without rancor.

  1. Weezer and Stick Figure (You guys are killing me here…) and on top of it Foreign Air in the Toyota Music Den also at the same time
  2. Keisha and Galantis (Not the end of the world for me but I know other people very bummed by this one.)
  3. The Shins and Phantogram (I suspect a lot of bitterness on this one)
  4. And one that I’m guessing is strictly a personal bummer for me Nahko and Medicine for the People same time as Misterwives which also overlaps the entire Bishop Briggs Treehouse show. (No rancor, I’m really going to be nice, I’m calm….)

Deep breath… okay I’m better. It’s always this way, there is no perfect schedule and there will still be tons of great shows.

Would love to hear your most irritating conflicts. Hit me up in the comments or on twitter @jettyrat_rb.


Until next time... Jettyrat out. Happy listening.

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