August 16, 2017

Oslo the baby bulldog, a good-luck charm, recently had surgery on his legs, costing nearly $12,000. This is an example of one thing Grass Roots Rescue does for its mission. If you want to help someone help animals, head to Grass Roots Rescue and adopt, foster, contribute to their wish list or donate cash. They do amazing work for helpless animals.

About GRR from their website: Since August of 2013 we have managed to rescue over 700 animals. We have found that we feel very drawn to take on the mis-fits and uncertain medical needs cases. GRR is operated completely by volunteers.  There are no employees and no compensation for the directors on the board.   Private veterinarians and/or animal hospitals provide medical care for dogs and cats and spay/neuter.  Last but certainly not least,  animals for adoption are posted regularly on GRR’s Facebook page.

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