The ones that keep giving

December 5, 2017

I don’t always make it to sunset, pretty much never make it for sunrise. Today I was headed out on errands when I saw the western sky - Maybe I heard it- it said “Drop everything and get your arse to Dewey.” I don’t always listen, but today I did. The traffic was heavy and I tried to remain calm as the clouds and sun did their thing.

And boy did I ever need to sit and see the sunset today. I kept reminding myself to watch it as much as shoot it. I tend to get lost when I am shooting, it’s a very private and individual experience.

It warmed my heart to be able to sit on the dock and watch it change over the course of an hour. Well, half hour, because I got edgy and wanted to see it from a different location. Better! More!

The next half of the hour was seeing it from low on the sand. There are just a few places where you can watch the sky long after sunset continue to change until it gets too dark to photograph.

Time to go, because groceries needed to be bought... and I forgot my tripod.

  • Photography grounds me and elates me. I am inspired by nature and its perfection. I see things that compel me to take a photograph, things that are ordinary, or small and go unseen by others. This is my purpose as a visual story teller. See my work in the Beach Paper and the Cape Gazette, or visit my website