The Pass Experiences

May 25, 2017

First, make sure you register your wristband, you might not think this is a big deal, but it is. It’s easier than you think to have something happen and lose your wristband, Registering it is the only way you can get a replacement if this happens.

There are four levels of wristband. General Admission, VIP, Super VIP, and Cabana.

GA – The general admission or single day pass. Sweet. You are about to spend 1-4 days hanging with 90,000 of your new best friends. If you want to be up front for one of the headliners you should plan on staking out space several hours in advance. Even for the mid-tier bands if you want to be near the front you should plan on an hour before the show. With GA you get to see and do all of the non VIP related areas including food and beverage tents. Firefly does a great job with food and beverage, so make sure you check out what’s available. If you need a good place to sit down for a bit, the Dogfish Pavilion is the perfect oasis.

VIP – Look at you go! VIP gets access to everything that GA does plus you get special VIP access areas at each stage. If the thought of banging bodies for four days doesn’t really appeal this gets you a pretty decent viewing area about 1/3 of the way back on most stages and in comparison to GA a significantly smaller crowd press. On top of that you get access to private bathroom areas, special VIP cash bars, VIP only dining options, and the VIP hospitality tent at the Lawn stage. Bang for the buck this pass is the hands down winner!

Super VIP – This pass really isn’t that great. I mean sometimes they run out of your favorite free beer. Not to mention there are times where you have to wait like five whole minutes for the golf cart to take you from one stage to the next. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Ok, Super VIP is freaking awesome, if you have the means, this is by far the best way to see Firefly. When you come into the show each day, you enter via a no wait Super VIP line. It includes two complimentary meals every day. All of your drinks are included and are served in air conditioned tents and with rarely more than a 2-3 minute wait.

When you are ready to move from one stage to the next, you simply walk out of the back of the air conditioned bar tent, where a concierge golf cart will be along any minute to take you wherever you need to go. The golf carts travel on the service pathways behind all of the stages. So it’s a full speed drive from one stage to the next. You just finished catching Barns Courtney at the main stage for the 3:00 show ending at 4:00 and Bishop Briggs is playing at the Lawn Stage at 4:15, no problem the golf cart has you covered. When you walk through the bar your private super VIP access is just steps away. Try making that combo on a GA or VIP pass, you might get there without missing more than the first two songs, but you will be pretty far back.

It is actually possible to avoid the GA areas the entire festival other than your first entry each day. I don’t recommend that because this would mean you did not get any Dogfish Firefly Ale, which is awesome. You also did not attend any shows at The Treehouse or experience The Thicket. Both of these are must do’s and even Super VIP pass holders have to walk to these locations.

As far as bathrooms go, you might wait a minute or two in certain places but those places have A/C and are much more like real bathrooms then the Porta-Pot’s everywhere else.

And as awesome as all of that is it pales in comparison to how close you get to every show. See pictures from last year. Not only do you get what is essentially front row seats left and right of the main stage, there is also an option to see bands from the side of the stage on the stage crew platforms. I wouldn’t want to see very show like that, but it’s pretty amazing to see one or two that way. You get to really experience what the crowd is like from the artist’s perspective.

So yeah, if you can swing these they are worth every penny in my book.

Cabana – Super VIP isn’t enough huh? You need to be more exclusive… more pampered.

So be it, for a price that is listed as call for details you can buy a Cabana. You need at least 10 people.  You get everything above plus a cordoned off area in the Super VIP section of the main stage. This area has a raised platform with tents and furniture. Each tent has a full time concierge at all times who will get you anything you need. There are food tables specifically designed for each tent, a self-serve bar and barstools so you can sit at the rail of the raised platform and watch any main stage show. If you are fortunate enough to have a very generous friend or you have the scratch, I’ll go on record as saying that this experience does not suck.

That’s the low down on the passes, whichever pass you have there is a great time waiting! I have attended at every level and had a blast for all.

Schedule release updates coming soon! Until next time... Jettyrat out. Happy listening.

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