Saturday at Firefly

April 26, 2017

Sooo you’re a little tired, and there is a high probability that you had a bit too much to drink yesterday. A little slower getting started, but hey you got this. Saturday is a big day. Let’s rumble!

Last year on Saturday I saw:

  1. Finish Ticket – Top 5 show, they were such a great surprise.
  2. Catfish and The Bottlemen – Awesome young band.
  3. Atlas Genius – Good not great would love to see them at a smaller venue
  4. Moon Taxi – Top 3 of the weekend
  5. Death Cab for Cutie – Played my favorite three songs right out of the gate so I could catch Moon Taxi at the Tree House.
  6. Moon Taxi – Double Dip at the Tree House!!!
  7. Florence & The Machine – #1 show of the weekend. She was incredible!
  8. M83 at The Treehouse – Didn’t do much for me, but you can’t have everything

Another solid day of music. I missed Chair Lift (conflict), Coin (didn’t jump out at me on the playlist that was a miss on my part), Coleman Hell (conflict), The Neighbourhood (conflict), The Staves (conflict), and Pepper (too damn late, 1:15AM start time!)

Saturday is the weird day for me this year. It will likely entail some band hopping and chance taking. Even though I’m not jazzed up right now, I know from experience that days like this usually have the best surprises. And yes I’ll just apologize to everyone offended right now, I’m sorry, I just have no interest in seeing Bob Dylan.

Must sees on Saturday – Chance the Rapper, Barns Courtney, Bishop Briggs, Andy Frasco, Mondo Cozmo, and White Panda*.

Chance – Curious to see if the hype lives up to the show!

Barns Courtney – You may not have heard of Barns, but trust me you don’t want to miss this show. I saw him as an opening act for Fitz and the Tantrums in Philly. Didn’t even know there was an opener, and wasn’t planning on paying attention. Didn’t get through the first song before I was like “Damn, this guy is pretty good.” He pretty much killed it for the next seven songs, and I went home and immediately downloaded what I could find. He’s got a new album which features Hellfire, so this should be a fantastic show. I’m guessing he gets the 3:00 main stage slot, we’ll see.

Bishop Briggs – So I have totally been digging the funky pop moodiness of her music along with that big giant voice. I started poking around to see how she was live. Feedback was nothing but fire. Some bands I interact with on Twitter all raved, and a friend who is a professional festival goer, saw her at Coachella on my request, and said not her style of music but she had a blast at the show. I’m not planning on missing this one!

Andy Frasco  – Again a band you may have not heard of, but if you like high energy shows. You do not want to miss these guys. Had the pleasure of seeing them live a little over a year ago at a small venue and they were phenomenal. Mark it on your schedule now and you can thank me later.

Mondo Cozmo – I can’t quite get all the way behind this band. I like Shine and Sixes and Sevens, but I’m not all jacked up about them like I am some others. That being said, my friend the professional festival goer, said this was one of her favorite shows at Coachella and she has never steered me wrong, so I’ll see you there!

White Panda – I promised myself I’d go see one full EDM show this year and I want it to be these guys.

Probables –

The Weekend – Will go out of curiosity if no conflicts.

Galantis A lot of songs I like not sure what a live show would be like.

Capital Cities – Pop sound that could be a surprise on stage, will have to see how schedule plays out.

Keisha – If there is no conflict I will see this show. As I mentioned previously this will either be off the charts or terrible. Don’t know unless you go.

The Naked and Famous – Could be a fun high energy show.

DJ Jazzy Jeff – Nostalgia and curiosity likely to win out here.


Take a chance bands –

Francis and the Lights – This band reminds me so much of Peter Gabriel that I might have to see what they bring live.

Lewis Del Mar – Like the songs Masterpiece and Waves, but heard the live show was meh.

Magic Giant – The banjolin genre has another entry at Firefly. I kept trying to not like these guys and couldn’t do it. If you like this genre they might be a quality surprise early show on Saturday.

Jacob BanksMonster has really jumped out at me. The other songs not so much, but I am curious.

Sunflower Bean – A pet name you might call your baby daughter. J If the Sundays and the Breeders got together and decided to add a stoner vibe, you’d be getting close to Sunflower Bean. They continue to grow on me, plus they have a guitar bridge in the song Come On that mirrors something we did on a song called Caravan, the rest of the song is completely different but still pretty cool to hear something similar from so many years ago. So I’ll probably see them just for that. J

Saturday deep dive playlist to follow.

Until next time... Jettyrat out. Happy listening.

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