Sunday at Firefly

May 3, 2017

Holy crap, it’s Sunday.  All things considered you’d rather sleep for another five or six hours. But it’s rally time!!! Take six or seven Advil to dull the thump in your feet, grab a little hair of the dog and let’s roll.

Last year on Sunday I saw:

  1. Nathaniel Ratliffe – Super solid show, would love to see them again.
  2. The Struts – Thought the venue was too big for them. Saw them on a smaller stage later that summer and they killed it. For the local folks they are playing again at the Bottle and Cork on May 21 and should not be missed!
  3. Grouplove – It was hot last year on Sunday. I was dragging big time. The Struts had been disappointing. Was debating rolling out and heading home. Then Grouplove absolutely crushed it and brought me back to life. Quick side story – if you follow my deep dive playlists you know they are pretty extensive. Last year I had the deep dive as one big play list that was over 450 songs. I was coming back from Baltimore with my son from a lacrosse tournament and had let the playlist run on shuffle. Later that week he told me he really liked the song that said “In the hot hot dessert…” 450 songs… Sorry B, I have no idea what song that was. Fast forward three weeks to Firefly. A tired Sunday, and three songs into the Grouplove set they played Shark Attack. I yelled my son’s name to no one in particular and then took a quick video to send to him at his lacrosse tournament in Williamsburg.  They followed a couple of songs later with a spot on cover of Beastie Boys – Sabotage and I was fully back and re-energized! They were my 1A show last year. A very close second to Florence.
  4. Elle King – Another one where I thought the venue was too big. Would love to give her a second chance in a smaller venue.
  5. Trombone Shorty – Caught a couple songs, always a fun show.
  6. Blink 182 – Only caught a couple of songs. Not my fave but I know tons of people who absolutely loved this show.
  7. Grouplove – Double dip at the Treehouse, see pics. So intimate, and so unbelievably good!

Another solid day of music. I missed The Struts at the Treehouse which in hindsight would probably have been pretty damn good, missed Travis Barker at the Treehouse, , missed Mark Scibilia (conflict), missed Mumford and Sons (I was toast and needed to go home and get in bed J)


Sunday this year is a pretty solid lineup. So I’m going to need to man up big time as Muse will be the late headliner!

Must sees on Sunday – Muse, Bleachers, Misterwives, The Strumbellas, Secret Weapons.

Muse – Should be a fantastic way to close out 2017!

Bleachers – Dirty, raw, high energy should be the perfect Sunday wake up call. Guessing they will get the 4:15 main stage slot or Firefly stage. Looking forward to this one.

Misterwives – Still pissed I missed them three years ago. Won’t miss them this year. I know her voice isn’t for everyone, but man do I like their new songs! Can’t wait to see them live.

Strumbellas  – There is no reason they couldn’t have been on Saturday. If there is a conflict between them and Misterwives I’m going to be seriously ticked off! This has the potential to be a top three show this year and should not be missed.

Secret Weapons – Each day of this festival I give you one band you probably don’t know but shouldn’t miss. These guys are it for Sunday. There is a high probability that they will be an early show on Sunday at the Porch or Backyard stage. Whatever, doesn’t matter, get your rear end to this show, it’s going to be a straight bouncing dance party and will get you fired up and back on track!

Probables –

Phantogram – They remind me of Tame Impala last year, which I did not end up seeing. I like their songs but it seems a bit mellow for a festival setting. All that being said my professional festival goer friend says they should not be missed, so as long as there is no conflict I’ll be there.

Nahko & Medicine For The People – No idea what their live show will be like, but damn their music has really grown on me. It’s a bit of a shock to the system the first couple listens, but it’s totally worth putting the time in for, hoping there isn’t a conflict and I can catch them.

Busta Rhymes – Crazy a** s**t show? Sure why not…

Nawas – A strange, half rap, half soul, half industrial band that I really like and will totally see if there is no conflict. Check out Wrong to see what I mean.

Take a chance bands –

Blossoms – This band has a lot of buzz. So you might be able to catch them before they go big time.

The Shins – A lot of the bands I interact with on Twitter are hyped for this show. They don’t do it for me, but if there is no conflict I may go see what it is I’m missing.  

Hamilton Leithauser – See write up for The Shins.

Dillon Francis – If I don’t make it to White Panda this could be my make-up EDM show.

Sunday deep dive playlist to follow. It’s getting close now kids! Real schedule should be out in the next couple of weeks.

Until next time... Jettyrat out. Happy listening.

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