• Dennis Forney has been a journalist on the Delmarva Peninsula since 1972 and has been writing his Barefootin’ column for The Whale and then the Cape Gazette for more than 30 years. Like his Barefootin' Facebook page to get notified of blog updates.

  • My name is Cassie and I'm a photographer based in Sussex County, Del. I am passionate about capturing the moments that matter. I specialize in photographing families, but I also enjoy photographing events, landscapes, and wildlife.

    Check out my website at, and follow me on Instagram: @cgwphotos

    Be sure to also check out my column about video games, Play, here on!

  • A blog reflecting the thoughts and experiences of the Cape Henlopen High School art students in FruchtmanU, Lewes, Delaware, taught by Jason Fruchtman.

    The focus of FruchtmanU is preparing students for a creative, pleasant and profitable future. The bloggers are specializing in creative technologies.

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  • Photography grounds me and elates me. I am inspired by nature and its perfection. I see things that compel me to take a photograph, things that are ordinary, or small and go unseen by others. This is my purpose as a visual story teller. See my work in the Beach Paper and the Cape Gazette, or visit my website


  • Firefly Blog

    The Firefly Blog by Jettyrat covers all things Firefly as we lead up to the 2017 Festival. Band reviews, playlists, the experience, interviews, and much more!

  • Ron MacArthur has lived and worked in Sussex County all his life. As a journalist for more than 40 years, he has covered everything from county and town meetings to presidential visits. He also has a unique perspective having served as an elected official and lived on both sides of the county.

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  • Midnite Talkies is new to the world of movie review blogging. We hope to be reviewing films of the new, strange and forgotten kind. Meaning, we would like to bring to light movies that may have been forgotten or ones that completely tanked. Enjoy!

  • I don't have a green thumb, but that makes me appreciate stalking other people's gardens with my pink camera even more. I am, however, trying to grow an online flower photo portfolio on Fine Art America.

  • This summer, I am documenting one of the busiest beach areas in America through snapshots of people who live here, work here and visit the area.

  • Most dragons enjoy rolling around in gleaming gold, but mine prefers words! Yes, I bought my Kindle Fire a red shield and named her Dragon. Together we collect eBooks to decorate her lair. When not writing about our favorite reading adventures here, I share flower pictures and shiny stuff that draws my drifting attention on my Art and Tree Chatter of Aquariann blog.